Is Churchill show comedia a stripper? Chipukeezy opens up

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Churchill show comedian Chipukeezy has responded to claims from his fans that he is a stripper.

In an interview with one of the famous magazine, the comedian dismissed rumour, saying it is 'a laughable joke'.

Chipukeezy has repeated the joke severally, included in his recent Ugandan show, after the Nairobi sold out show last month.

“It is quite a joke for people to make a joke out of a joke. It is quite laughable for anyone to think I am a stripper simply because I made a joke out of this....Quite hilarious,” he said.

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He added only those who were keen enough could get what he was driving at-the joke.

“I was simply opening up to the reality that is strip dance in East Africa and it is only if you are keen enough that you will get the joke. Crazy!” he added.

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