Signs that tell if your lady is a lesbian

Lesbian women
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Many a times I wonder how one can tell whether a woman is into another women or interested with men. Truthfully, it is hard to tell but here at pasha life, we give you some tips and signs that will surely show you if she's interested or not.

Eye contact

Keeping an eye focused to your partner in a conversation speaks alot. If a woman faces you directly as you speak to her, then she consider you as her lifetime man. Study her face keenly, does she return your eye contact? does she smile at you? Is she holding eye contact just a little bit longer? Is she appearing to be interested in the attention you're giving her? If all these turns out to be positive, then she's into you.


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When you strike a conversation to a lady as a man, what kind of reaction does she give out? Does she pay attention? or does she react strangely? If she is into you, she will definitely pick up the conversation.

Women stuff

A lady who is into women will often pick up to conversations involving fellow women, so the one interested in men. When you pick up a relationship topic, she will tell if she's not into sleeping with women.

Social media 

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If you happen to come across her social media account, pay close attention to her timeline activities. Ladies who like sharing nude photos of their fellow women on their timeline are lesbians. Also check the gender, what kind of friends does she have on the social account? This will describe much about her sexuality.

Though it will take time to notice a woman interested in you, but also take your own time to identify the kind of sexuality you are going for.

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