Msambweni police disperse over 100 Rainbow Faith Ministries followers in Kwale, opens investigations over religious ideologies

Screenshot of Kwale church.

Police in Musambweni, Kwale County, have opened investigations into another church after Shakahola cult massacre.

The officers chased away over 100 followers of Rainbow Faith Ministries who left their homes to camp in the church.

Kwale church with tough ideologies

Msambweni deputy commissioner Lotiatia Kipkech confirmed that police have been patrolling the village as investigations continue.

“Some children have been taught to abscond school… some have been here without permission from their parents and guardian,” said Kipkech, as quoted by Citizen TV.

There has been concerns that the church has been misleading residents in the area through religious ideologies.

Rainbow Faith Ministries started its operations in 2017, serving the family of Mdata Nyamawi and other followers.

It is alleged that most followers left their well-paying jobs to join Nyamawi and his family and currently engage in casual jobs in the village.

The church followed teachings from their prophetess Joyce Mkumbi, 23, who insisted this are end times and requires people to worship together.

Many left their husbands and joined the church together with their children.

Shakahola massacre

This came as death toll in Shakaholaincreased to 133 as of Tuesday, May 9.

Twenty more mass graves were identified at the Chakama ranch as probe into the heinous crime against humanity continued.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said the exhumation excise is far from over, urging for patience from the public and families looking for their loved ones

“I am afraid we have many graves. The damage is quite significant. 20 mass graves are currently being opened and the process is far from over. This was a highly organized crime,” said Kindiki.

The Good News International Church pastor Paul Mackenzie convinced his followers to fast until death as way of preparing to meet Jesus.

President William Ruto formed a commission of inquiry into the Shakahola massacre, led by Lady Justice Jessy Lessit.

Reports claimed that some of the exhumed bodies have missing organs, a case that has caught televangelist Ezekiel Odero in the mix.

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