Dating lessons for young women in their early 20’s

We all wanted to grow up fast when we were kids. Little did we know the challenges that come with being an adult, including making decisions on dating. However, things do not have to be that bad. With the right attitude and information, young women in their early 20s (20-25 years old) can make proper decisions even as they grow older. Here are a few dating tips for young female adults.

Slow down, the world is not going anywhere

Being young and having friends doing all kinds of things can be confusing for young women. As you experience changes in your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, extra precaution is required of you. Do not feel the pressure to fit in with you peers and begin doing things for the sake of it. It is your life and you need to think about you first when making every decision in your life. You have more years ahead of you and you do not have to hurry into anything. You have just finished high school or tertiary education. Take time to figure out what you want to do with your life be it looking for a job, creating employment, or advancing your studies.

Surround yourself with a good support system

Being in your early 20’s does not have to be messy. If you feel your friends are pressuring you into doing something you do not want to, stay firm on your opinion or make new friends that have similar objectives as you. You can also open up to your older sibling or someone you trust if you are not free with your parents or guardian. When you surround yourself with people that do not have the same worldview as yours on dating, you are likely to get tempted to follow what they do.

It is up to you to keep your principles

High school life has its fears for young women. Among the leading ones is getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Young females grow up being warned by parents about getting expectant, which is alright. However, there are many other things to adhere to. If you have principles on dating, it is up to you to keep them. Telling your boyfriend is not enough. He might not have the same views as yours and may persuade you into doing something you do not want to until a specific time. A person who respects you will listen to you and help you uphold your principles. If he cannot do that, then you do not any business being with him. You have more time on your hands. Do not let go what you believe in.

Just because you are good does not mean the other person is

We are all born innocent and get to learn things along the way. Perhaps you are a nice person who wants to see the good in everyone no matter what. Being kind does not mean the other person will be the same to you. You deserve to be treated with love and respect. If you realize your boyfriend hurts you repeatedly, it is time to leave. People are different and do not tell yourself that you can change him. If you talk to him about something but he keeps hurting you, do not tolerate him. Do not accept to be hurt over and again. If he loves you, he will treat you right.

Do not put yourself in tricky situations

Yes, you have your principles and have a supportive boyfriend. However, do not put yourself in tempting situations. That simple sleepover can cause you to make a decision that changes your life forever. If you get emotional, ensure he uses protection. It is up to you to ensure he utilizes protection. Take the lead on this and remind him.

Being young is great when you do everything to safeguard your future and save yourself heartache. Uphold your principles, take time to know someone, avoid tricky scenarios, and have a support system. No one should rush you into doing something and do not be in a rush either. Slow down, surround yourself with the right people, and stay firm in your beliefs.

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