Relationships: the plight of being a single woman around promiscuous married men

It comes a time in a woman’s life when she takes a break from dating and wants to enjoy being alone for some time. There you are beautiful, single and not searching but married men cannot help hitting on you. That is part of being a woman and learning how to handle the advances can help you stay away from trouble. Here are things single, satisfied women go through around married men with no boundaries.


Politeness taken to mean interested


Interacting with people is part of being human. As the old saying goes, no man (or woman) is an island. When you tend to be polite to everyone, some sketchy married men might think you are interested in them beyond greetings, for example. So whatever you do as a single not searching woman, have boundaries too. Too much of something is never good, even politeness.


Blatantly hit on


Some men are shameless to the core. They are married yet cannot help it when they see a gorgeous single woman living her life. They hit on you when the chance arises and do not feel sorry at all. Being hit on is normal but when it is from a married person, it says a lot their character. Stay away from them by all means because nothing good will come from it and they are unlikely to leave their families for you.


They assume you are loose and desperate


Some women choose to be single. They are complete as they are and enjoy their freedom. They have jobs, settle their bills, and enjoy doing whatever they want whenever they need to. A promiscuous married man might think such a woman is an easy target. One might assume you are loose or desperate and will accept the first man that shows interest.


They think you are weird


Being a young single woman might seem weird to some people. Love is a wonderful thing and no young woman wakes up and decides to be alone. Experiences in life can change a person’s overall look at life. It is completely alright for a woman to be on her own and there is nothing weird about that. Being single for some time is a good thing. It allows you to learn how to be complete on your own and value yourself even more. Being in a relationship does not make one better than a single person. We are living in the 21st century and women can live their lives as they wish.


Being single is a choice for some women and there is nothing weird about it. It does not mean one is loose, desperate, or interested in any man, married or not. As a young woman enjoying life on her own life, ensure you have boundaries to avoid messing your life with promiscuous married men. When you are taking care of your bills and even saving money, you do not need drama from shameless men with no respect for their families.


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