Dennis Mudy: I'm going for the Lurambi Parliamentary seat

Dennis Mudy|Courtesy

Almost a year ago, journalist Dennis Mudy was lucky to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta at Mama Ngina Drive abruptly and having an interview with him.

The fortunate meeting with the head of state completely changed Mudy’s life. Talk of instant celebrity in Kakamega County, to brand ambassador for various brands across the country.

According to him, the meeting opened a new chapter in his life, opportunities which he says he could not access before. Despite the reactions of some netizens, that he missed a big chance. Mudy however says he does not regret his meeting.

“I didn’t miss it, it is a reaction any person will express while meeting a dignitary of such status; I was overwhelmed. It is one of the moments I do appreciate in life. It shaped my life in many ways and opened chances for me.” Dennis said.

Speaking during an interview with XpressNews, Mudy said he is still going for the Lurambi constituency parliamentary seat. With the country already in a political mood, Mudy believes youths can smoothly take part in the country’s politics.

“I’m still going for the Lurambi parliamentary seat as I said earlier on. I’m not going to parliament because of the fame, but because my people are a priority and empowerment is my motive.” He added.

 Mudy is set to run under National Ordinary People’s Empowerment Union (NOPEU) a registered party, that is a constitute of ODM. Mburu Kimpembe is currently the party’s secretary-general. Mudy plans on unseating Bishop Titus Khamala, who is the current seating Member of Parliament.

“I believe I have what it takes to be the next lawmaker. A number of county and youths activities I do with both youth and women across the county, as well my community charity works have familiarized me with the people. It’s a time for the youthful mind to run the constituency.” He further explained.

Aside from the political involvement, Dennis is a successful young entrepreneur with strings of business. His business Splendour Empire is a business entity that includes a carwash and a beauty parlour. That is offering a number of youths employments in Kakamega.

Furthermore, he is the chairman of Kakamega County Vijana Sacco, with about 1200 youth members across the county. the Sacco links them to opportunities, which help them build their life and earn a living.

“Little of my fortune is now servicing a number of youths with something at the end of the day. The opportunity helped me get links and connections that I have used to educate and make opportunities for the youth aware to them, where a majority are getting good fortunes.” He said.

Dennis also runs an empowerment programme Hustle Mtaani, which not only empowers youths but also women and SMEs. Youths get opportunities and get enrolled with different programmes like KYEOP and Ajira Digital. While some get training in solar installations programmes.

Dennis is the brand ambassador of ChimsConnect Safaris a travels company as well as Jorene brands ambassador. Currently, he is a journalist with Number One TV.

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