Content Marketing Tips for your Startup

Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important in the world of business. It not only includes being one of the top searches on Google, but also the digital creation, branding, and outreach of your brand.


Content marketing is what can make a company stand out. It is also one of the reasons why everyone is aware of specific brands but not others. It’s important to get your content marketing right which is why we’ve come up with some key tips.

Set Yourself Some Goals

Every startup needs to be clear about its content and marketing strategy. Without one, it is unlikely that the business will last in the long run. The strategy needs to be effective and clear and should focus on the deliverables needed within a specific time frame.

This ensures that your creative team is on their toes, and able to focus on what content needs to be created. Your content marketing plan should also have measurable goals so you can have something to aim for and track your progress.

Make Your Own Content

When making content, it can be tempting to take the ideas from others and use visuals that aren’t your own. This can seem tempting as it’s easy to do and allows you to churn out content with the minimum of effort.

There is also the temptation to outsource the production of your content too but this has risks.

Others may not be aware of the startup dynamics, nuances, or intricacies of your business. This can lead to content that doesn’t resonate with your brand.

Creating original content can seem like a hassle but it’s much more likely to get results. With an online tool such as Canva, even someone with no creative experience can produce high-quality content.

Don’t Rely On Just Text

Visuals include graphs, charts, illustrations, and all sorts of image variations. Visuals are undoubtedly more attractive than words. They grasp people’s attention and summarize long passages of words

The color, theme, and look often contribute to attracting wandering eyes. As the attention span decreases, and the content in the world increases, it is best to ensure that your content stands out from the crowd.

Simply putting a high-quality image with your text can make a huge difference. There are many websites out there such as Pixabay where you can get copyright-free images.

Be Memorable

How many times have you looked at content? You look at various forms of content hundreds of times a day. No doubt you’ve read an article through a Google search, clicked off it and you couldn’t say what the name of the website was.

This can also be reading a leaflet, seeing a Facebook post, looking at a poster or hearing an advert on radio. If something doesn’t grab you, it slips out of your mind straight away.

To be memorable, your content needs to be excellent. But you need more than that. You need to be visually memorable with high-quality images and a professional look. A logo is another great way to stay memorable, and one can easily be made with Logo Creator.

Repurposing Content

It is not necessary to invest separately for all the different channels that exist within your startup. Instead, it is important to understand how to utilize the same source of content for multiple content types.

The same content can be presented in a blog, visualized in a presentation, illustrated on a poster, and written out on Twitter. There are various ways to break the data into chunks and use it for all the numerous areas that contribute towards the growth of your content marketing startup.

If you have brilliant content, then look for ways to get it to as many people as possible. The same people who read a blog are unlikely to be the same who read a leaflet.

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