Kisii: Body of a woman, 39, discovered in the neighbour's house

Kisii Police commander Francis Kooli
A 39-year-old woman was killed last night in her neighbour's house at Nyangena shopping Center, in Kitutu Chache south, outskirts of Kisii Town.


Doris Temo's body was discovered in a pool of blood at the neighbour’s house at 8:00pm severally stabbed at the neck.


Grace Mogaka the owner of the house said she went to Kisii town at around 8:00pm to run some errands and left his ten-year-old son alone in the house.


"I received a call from my other neighbour asking my whereabout and upon confirming my location she then broke the news that Doris’ body was found in my house stabbed severally on the neck, "she said.


Upon her arrival in the house she was detained by the residents who were questioning her concerning the incident until police officers from Nyanchwa police station came for her rescue.


Confiming the incident Kisii Police commander Francis Kooli said they have launched investigations and asked the residents to remain calm.


Kooli said two kitchen knives were discovered from the scene and were processed to help in investigation.

"The suspect who is the owner of the house was arrested and detained at Nyanchwa police station as the police conduct investigations, "said Kooli

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