Julius Bitok: The Man to Take Uasingishu to The Next Level

Amb. Julius Bitok. Image|Courtesy

For years now ambassador Julius Bitok has proven to be a performer when it comes to service delivery. As ambassador he is the first diplomat to bring in 100B in bilateral trade driven by tea exports sending farmers all over the country in celebration and jubilation.

Mr Bitok is a people person. He loves interacting with different people and is easily accessible to the people of Uasingishu. He is always interacting and giving feedback to the people through his social media pages, through his number and through his office in Uasingishu county. He is always accessible and ready to help when called upon.

Mr Bitok loves interacting and helping people from different communities and cultures living in Uasingishu. He enjoys and embraces the diversity of the people residents of Uasingishu.

 His kind nature is evident for everyone who meets him. Due to this trait he has educated more than 500 students from Uasingishu through his foundation and has always been on the front line when it comes to helping the needy.

His foundation has supported people from different communities living in Uasingishu county.

Mr Bitok has been through hardship himself and understands when people come to him with their problems.

This is why he has been practicing philanthropy for years now unlike his competitors who have emerged recently because of elections. Mr Bitok's heart has always been with the people since day one.

Mr Bitok's leadership skills speak for itself.His leadership skills have enabled him to shine on the global stage as a diplomat. He will use this same skill to ensure that Uasingishu shines and becomes a prosperous modern city that the people can be proud of.

One of Mr Bitok's strengths is that he has always believed in open channels of communication. He has always had his ear on the ground listening to the needs and concerns of the people then making decisions to help them. This is something that he has practiced as ambassador and will still practice as Uasingishu's next governor.

The people of Uasingishu should chose a leader who loves and embraces the different people, communities and cultures in Uasingishu. Someone who is easily accessible and one who has a history of service delivery. Someone with a good track record and one who will take Uasingishu to the next level.

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