World Rugby Sevens Repechage in Monaco: Leaders to secure a spot in Tokyo Olympics 2021

World Rugby 7s repechage kick off
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This weekend marks the beginning of the much-awaited World Rugby Sevens Repechage in Monaco, with three African nations representing the continent on the big sporting stage.

Twelve women's and ten men's teams will be competing in a round-robin this weekend to secure their spot in the world’s biggest sporting event, the Olympics to be being held in Tokyo from 26th to 31st July.

The women’s competition will feature Argentina, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, and Tunisia. 

While the men’s tournament will involve Chile, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Samoa, Tonga, and Zimbabwe.

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The men’s tournament kicked off on Friday with Zimbabwe playing against Mexico, where the men played a brilliant defense game and managed to score 3 tries. With a win of 21 - 0. Setting the benchmark for the rest of their games.

Leading the pack for Africa, the Tunisian Women's World Rugby Sevens team will be playing against Papua New Guinea at 14:08 hours (Local Monaco Time) tomorrow while Madagascar is set to compete against Hong Kong later that evening at 19:11 hours (Local Monaco time).

Speaking on the occasion, Paula Lanco - President of the Women’s Rugby Advisory Committee, remarks, “This weekend is going to be a powerful punch of excitement and emotions, we are looking forward to some free-flowing Rugby with many great tries that will make audiences erupt and roar. But more importantly, the women’s tournament is not only a means of entertainment and pride but also an opportunity to inspire millions of women especially girls around the globe to pursue their dreams, fight for equality, and to believe that anything can be achieved with hard work, patience, and perseverance.” 

“This is a remarkable moment in history that has the potential to ignite the imagination of our future generations. Here’s wishing all the teams all the good luck they need; we absolutely cannot wait to find out which of the two women’s teams will make it to Tokyo this year.”

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With their sight set on Olympic glory, the respective captains from Madagascar, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe teams remain enthused and highly hopeful. 

The women’s tournament will be particularly enthralling as two of the twelve women’s squads that have arrived in Monaco will be securing their admission into the Olympics club, thereby lending both teams from Africa –Tunisia and Madagascar –a chance to be part of the global stage and spotlight at the Olympics. 

With 5,000 worldwide fans watching the tournament live from the stadium, millions are anticipated to tune in from their homes on digital devices to watch history being made over the weekend. Some viewers from certain locations across the world can access live telecasts of the games, however, the energy, excitement, joy, and thrill will be experienced by all audiences alike.


“The sport of Rugby as thrill-seeking as it is, carries along with it a rich history, heritage, and legacy of undeniable sportsmanship. Outstanding women and men from different parts of Africa have come together to fight for one goal and one trophy. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this hard work is paid off and we see a flag from the African continent rise in the sky at the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. My best wishes are with all the African teams and players.” says Khaled Babbou – President of Rugby Africa.

Women’s Ruby in Africa

On the African continent, women’s rugby has seen tremendous growth. In the last decade, it increased from 50 000 female players in 2012 to over 260 000 in 2018 and 350 000 in 2020.

For this tremendous growth to continue, strong leadership in women’s rugby needs to continue, the Women’s Executive Leadership Scholarship is one of the tools that will enable this.

Africa will also be well represented when South Africa participates in the next rugby World Cup women in New Zealand in 2022 and Kenya in the Olympic Games in 2021.


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