Anthony Muriithi Riungu: The Solution To Maara's Problems

Anthony Muriithi Riungu. Image|Courtesy
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Anthony Muriithi Riungu has been a consistent evangelist and ambassador of change in Maara constituency for a very long time. Many know him as an honest person that they can rely on based on his firm and consistent advocacy that leadership should empower Kenyans and not enrich a few.

He has proven time and time again even before getting into office that leadership should be selfless and void of selfishness

A friend in need is a friend indeed Riungu's participation in funds drives and church fundraisings across Maara in support of education, infrastructure, small businesses, healthcare and other things as well has helped shown that he is a man with the community's interest at heart. He has used his own personal income for years for the good of the community.

Kenyans love a fighter. The person who stands up to great odds is often a hero, regardless of what the fight is about. After years of being the voice of the voiceless many believe that Anthony Riungu is the right man for the job as he had fought for the rights of the oppressed and spoken up for those who do not have a voice.

Due to the current economic situation Riungu has resorted to using his money to help jobless youths in the society. This contrasts with the rich who are disconnected from the sufferings of the people as they cut backroom deals to retain power and accumulate more Anthony understands the needs of the common mwananchi and helps them to the best of his ability.

He has been a refuge for many in the society and many believe that if given the opportunity he can turn things around in Maara constituency.

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