Ease of text betting with BETSAFE

Text betting by betsafe

Text betting a simple way to make your bets without need for a smartphone or data. It’s a great way and option to foster inclusivity and allow almost everyone to be able to participate in the placement of bets. Betsafe one of the new entrants in the Kenyan betting scene has taken this a step further through introduction of an option through which punters can place bets via Telegram.

With Kenyan and Africa in general still catching up on smart phone and internet penetration, provision of options such as text betting, go along away in taking the game to masses, providing punters with a quick hustle free way to place bets. But how exactly does Betsafe text betting in Kenya work?

Generally they have made it foolproof so any one even a complete beginner can get on and start placing bets. However, when you are an absolute beginner, you first need to create an account with Betsafe and this is done by registering on their database and then the next step would involve toping up your account through M-Pesa before you can finally be able to place bets on Betsafe and get your payout.

It’s a simple seamless process which is detailed below as follows:

Register with Betsafe

To be able to place bets with Betsafe you will need to fast create an account and top up the amount you wish to place bets with. The account creation process is quick and straight to the point. Below is a breakdown of the account registration process.

· Begin by Texting BETSAFE to 23333, You will receive a welcome message alongside your login password.

· Then proceed to Betsafe.co.ke and click on the login button where you will be prompted to enter your phone number alongside the code that you received with the welcome message.

· Press on the login and you will receive a verification code and be prompted to change your password.

· Select your preferred password and you are good to go

· You have an account with Betsafe

Top up your account via M-Pesa

After the account creation process the next stage is to load up your Betsafe account with the amount you wish to use in placing the bet. The process is quick and easy as demonstrated below:

· Go to the Mpesa Menu on your Phone

· Select the Lipan a M-Pesa option

· Proceed to Paybill

· Enter Betsafe business number:729009

· Enter the account number: BETSAFE

· Enter the amount you wish to use for your betting

· Enter PIN and click OK

You will receive a text confirmation and you are now ready to start placing bets on Betsafe.

Placing Bets on Text

Now all is set and you are ready to play. This is as simple as just sending a text indicating your predicted outcome of the march. If your favorite team is Chelsea on a specific day they are playing, just send a text with your favorite team’s name and amount you are willing to put down on that game.

i.e. 100 Chelsea Win

You will receive a confirmation text with details of the bet placed and potential payout if you win the bet. You have the option to place a single or multiple bets based on your preference. If your selection wins you will be able to receive a confirmation text from Betsafe and you will be able to withdraw your winnings via M-Pesa.


Source: Betsafe Kenya

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