Disappointing projects: Lugari last mile electricity project mirage

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Instead of the Lugari residents’ homes being lit by the Kenya Power through the government last mile project, they are now required to pay Ksh. 15,000 for the same.

This is after the purported officials from Kenya power are alleged to be circulating a contract form registering those residents who are willing to be connected at a fee.

The residents who have been yearning for the free connection as done in other areas within the county and country at large are disappointed citing the ongoing political rivalry as the main cause. Lugari constituency is headed by Ayub Savula who is the Amani national congress (ANC)fronting its party leader Musalia Mudavadi as the preferred presidential candidate who seems to have the blessings of the current president Uhuru Kenyatta pitting him against the deputy president William Ruto who has expressed interest to vie for the top seat cone 2022.

They pointed out that it was possible that the last mile project which was being spearheaded by Ruto could have been shelved or diverted to another region following the MP hard knuckle attacks against the (Tangatanga)hustler narrative that is closely associated with William Ruto.

Talking on a point of anonymity, they however challenged the dynasty regime under which ANC party is supporting to ensure that they deliver their promise of connecting the sub county despite the political differences emanating from the two camps.

"Let's keep politics out of development issues as electricity is our right as Kenyans despite which side our MP is supporting, this is our right as voters and not individual matters."

They wonder why the current government was unable to assist them and yet it had promised to do so long time ago.

"We are challenging the government to come out and honour its pledge to the people of Lugari as we are fully behind its push for the building bridges initiative (BBI)which is being supported by their MP and party."

They also called on the Mp to verify if the Kenya power officers collecting names for connection are genuine or if it was another scam by the power company cartels to extort from them when in real sense was the much anticipated last mile project.

"Let our MP Savula scrutinize these Kenya power people to know if they are real because of late the company has been marred with lots of corruption with its officials fleecing the public millions of shillings in terms of connections and meter billing, they could also have been assigned to carry out the last mile connection but were taking advantage to charge us for the same."

They also wondered why the filled contract form was to be dropped at the residential home of one MCA citing malice in the manner the process was being handled.

"What are the current leaders doing? Or is there something sinister because the filled contract form is to be dropped at the current Lugari Ward MCAs home not forgetting the forms have confidential details like ones’ ID Number, KRA PIN. Could these details be subjected to political abuse?

As we expected Kenya power to acknowledge the receipt of these forms but instead they were being delivered to an MCA 's home."

The locals were alarmed after they were conned earlier with the same pretext of bringing electricity to their homes.

"Sometimes back residents were swindled money by unsuspecting individuals in the name of installing electricity for them. Could this be another racket? Kenya Power needs to come out and clarify to the residents of Lugari Ward and ensure customer information privacy if indeed that is what is being done."


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