Offer Guidance and Counselling for students – teachers urged

Kakamega county women rep Elsie Muhanda (In pink).
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Teachers have been called upon to step up their efforts of guiding and counselling as schools reopen to assist students relapse into learning mood.

The Kakamega county women rep Elsie Muhanda said teachers were face with a huge task to ensure that all the pupils and students within the county are comfortably accommodated into the school environment after being out of class for the last 9 months due to the outbreak of the Covid- 19 pandemic.

The Mp who was on meet the people tour in Kakamega north sub County( Malava) said a lot needs to be done to readjust the learners to the basics noting that many had been involved in different non educational matters.

“Many of our girls and Boys been involved in a lot of funny things including early pregnancies and marriages, being employed as housemaids and Bodaboda

operators, herds and Shamba boys among other employments and now that it is a requirement that they should break away either by choice or by force to go back to school, many will be undergoing depression that needs thorough guiding and counselling that should be done by qualified teachers and other professionals including church elders”.

 She said it was going to be a tough recovery road to the students and if proper measures were not put in place then most of them would fall back into their earlier lifestyles.

“The state of our children at this rate is delicately alarming and they need to be handled with a lot of care for them to accept the change of the situation from the initial one and we are banking on our teachers to carry out their mandate effectively.”

She called on the parents to ensure that all the married, pregnant and young mothers are taken back to school stating that it was a government directive.

“As you know me I stand up for the girls especially those that are young mothers and my office has been supporting them across the county by sponsoring their education and so far we have been successful in the yester years but currently as you all know the rate of pregnancies at the sub county has been alarming but we want to ensure that no single girl will be unable to return to school despite her current situation she might be in.”

She said the empowerment of the girl child will go a long way in empowering the entire nation hence the need to return them to class.

Muhanda also called on the parents to take up the mantle of offering extra guiding and counselling besides explaining to their children the true situation of their financial status in a situation where some parents lost their jobs due to the harsh economic crunch caused by the corona virus disease.

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