Pledge to upgrade disability center lauded

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Finally the neglected Kabras center for the disabled prayers to have a training workshop has been answered after Deputy President pledged to construct and equip for them one come early next year.

The centre that is situated in Kakamega North sub-county is a meeting point for over the 5,000 persons living with disabilities from the sub county and it also hosts the annual disability day every 3rd December besides being a sports centre for them.

The Deputy President promised to revamp the centre with the needed modern workshop to enable it become a centre of excellence that will educate and train disabled youths in knitting, shoe making, tailoring and poultry keeping to empower them economically.

 Ruto made the remarks when he toured the sub county where he has also heavily invested in revamping institutions within the constituency led by Mp Malulu Injendi.

Ruto said with the commencement of the workshop at the centre more youths will access the necessary skills to sustain themselves instead of depending on well wishers and further announced that he will also be coming to upgrade both the Mama Mbogas and Boda boda business that greatly contributes to the country’s economic basket.

“We need to start thinking of how we can create skilled training opportunities for our youth in every corner of this country if we have to fight illiteracy, hunger and poverty completely and it can only be done through opening of more training institutions and upgrading the existing ones to the needed standards and that is why even in the building bridges initiative report (BBI) at Bomas, I openly expressed my dissatisfaction as it had not captured the interests of the common mwananchi such as these and hence my calls for amendments.”

He said it was time the government invested in education matters for the benefit of future generation ad also to be able to compete effectively in the global market.

“The world has become a global village and we should not be left behind and it is only education that we can be able to cope up with most of the world thriving economies, let us not concentrate on politics and forget the youths who are the force behind our economy, those plying earning jobs should be empowered through education to upgrade and generate more and I will be supporting such initiatives whenever called upon”

The Kabras centre for disability member who is also represents all people living with disabilities (PLWD’s) at the national government affirmative action fund (NGAAF) at the constituency level Moses Wasike Kenyatta hailed the generous pledge from the Deputy President saying it will bring back life at the centre and give hope to most of them.

“ I’m honored today to have a privilege to talk to the Deputy President and express our grievances as disabled persons of this sub county and indeed it is amazing how he (Ruto) listened to me and without blinking accepted to assist us, we have been tirelessly trying to search for well well wishers to come onboard and lend a helping hand but in vain but now we together with our youths will embrace the training workshop and empower ourselves with the necessary skill that will see us grow” he quipped.

Kenyatta added that the centre was also equipped with a hatchery but lacked the necessary educational knowhow on how to run and manage it effectively.


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