Back to school: First day encounter after 9 months break following Covid-19 pandemic

Pupils' temperature taken before going to class

The nine-months break proceeding the coronavirus outbreak in March has been a living hell for many children and parents who wished schools could open sooner.

When the ministry of education announced that all schools to open on January 4 2021, many wished time could fly to get back to classes, saying that life at home was unbearable.

We visited some schools and had a chat with students who were exited to be back in class.

Kelvin, a twelve-year-old says although they were able to do practice at home, he prefers to be learning together with his schoolmates and friends.

“I missed the playing and joking with my friends, I prayed for school to reopen,” says the grade five pupil.

Ruth, a grade three pupil says the daily morning assembly where all students gathered to sing and receive information is what she missed most.

“I love singing and we often learned new songs at the assembly,” she says.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit Africa as a continent, almost 572 million students across 30 countries were affected by the closure of school

As many children across the country become exited over school reopening, what they have to keep in mind is that they can no longer hug or huddle with schoolmates and friends like they did before the pandemic.

All schools have had to adopt guidelines and protocols set by the ministries of health and education, a move that has changed lifelong experience for Kelvin and Ruth, among other learners across the country.

“At least we are back in school and learning with friends, even though we’ve been asked to maintain social distance, wear face masks and wash our hands,” says Kelvin.

The government laid down protocols to be observed for safe school re-opening, key being proper wearing of face masks, social distancing, proper and frequent handwashing.


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