US Elections: More than 90 million votes already casted

US Presidential Candidates. Image|BBC

As US electoral campaigns comes to an end, more than 90 million people have casted their votes in the early voting.

The turnout, according to experts and historical data, has put the country on course for the highest number of voter turnout.

Presidential Candidates Joe Biden and President Donald Trump visited several states across the country on Sunday as campaign curtains close ahead of Tuesday elections.

According to BBC news, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden maintains a solid national lead in the pools, however this narrows in few states that could determine the outcome of the elections.

President Trump, Republican Candidate, held rallies in Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina, and later in Georgia and Florida and while speaking in Washington, a town in Michigan north of Detroit, Mr Trump told his supporters that under his leadership "the economy is now growing at the fastest rate ever recorded".

"We brought back your car industry. Your car industry was finished. You would have had nothing left," he said.

Mr. Biden on the other hand, visited Philadelphia where addressed the city's black community, vowing to address "systemic racism" in the US.

He also challenged Trump administration on the way they are handling the coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly affected the country

"It's almost criminal the way he's handled it. It's a mass casualty event in the black community and it's totally unnecessary," said Mr. Biden.

As the country goes into polls on Tuesday, concerns over COVID-19 infections still remain high, with Saturday statistics indicating that 99,000 more people were infected with the novel virus.

The US has recorded more cases and causalities than any other country in the world, since the outbreak of the pandemic.


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