BBI Point Blank: Deputy President William Ruto speech that caused uproar at Bomas of Kenya

Deputy President William Ruto speaking at the Boma

The BBI report launch at the Bomas of Kenya brought together political leaders from various sides. The president, his deputy and the former prime minister shared the same platform days after divergent views on the report.

In his speech the president stated that the Deputy President was part of the BBI report and urged his him to go slow on politics saying that time will come and focus on that which will reunite and bring cohesion and peace to the nation.

The president also pleading with Kenyans to support BBI saying that the proposed reforms are aimed at uniting the nation, ensuring sustained peace and addressing youth unemployment among other national challenges.

He also urged Kenyans to read the document by themselves and in order to understand and make meaningful conclusion out of the document.

The deputy president William Ruto receiving heckles from the members of the crowd after raising critical issues on the various sections of the report that find relevance on the same BBI report. In his argument on the judiciary, the DP says the appointment of ombudsman by the executive is a derogation of the independence of the judiciary and that as a country we need to operationalize the judiciary fund that is already in the constitution to enhance access to justice. Further saying there is room to make a lot of improvements.

On matters revolution the DP applauded the increase of 35% amount allocated to counties and ensure that senate had the power to ensure availability and proper spending of resources. But his remark on the senate has received a backlash from the government

Machokos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua took to his Twitter handle saying,"Unfortunately, the Deputy President has misled wananchi on the issue of senators and their power. He needs to read the document. The senate will have more powers to deal with county money. None of its powers has been removed. It is a pity he came to play politics, to derail and divide."

The DP had said, "We are now saying women and the participation of women makes us stronger. If women now go to the senate that had been downgraded are we enhancing participation of women or downgrading it?"

The DP arguments not aligning with most of the proposals made by the report, raised temperatures that made part of the crowd to heckle at him and chanting 'respect the president' said to be led by MP Millie Ojiambo. The DP remained calm to the end of his speech.

The president confirming that he was updating his deputy on what was going on about the BBI and the 2022 campaigns diverted his attention, adding he was aware of his move.

"I always kept him abreast in what was happening. He was part of the handshake and knows what was going on. The 2022 campaigns kept him away on what was happening," said the president.

The BBI document was officially unveiled today to the members of the public after an official handing of the report to president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday in Kisii County at the State house lodge last week.


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