The book is a sink, Mourinho’s sentiments on Arsene Wenger's 'My Life In Red And White'

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Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho has commented on former Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger’s new book, saying ‘it is a sink’.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former Chelsea and Manchester United coach said Wenger is a failure and has ‘never beat me’.

"You are not going to do a chapter about 12 or 14 matches and never winning one. So why should he speak about me in his book. A book is a thing to make you happy to make you proud. So I understand perfectly the situation," said Mourinho.

The two shares a track record of bitter rivalry on and off the pitch, experienced during the Portuguese era at Stamford Bridge.

The feud always resulted to Mourinho being a top when they came up against one another.

In all 19 meetings, Chelsea under Mourinho won 10 and lost only twice to Arsenal, with seven finishing as a tie.

This comes barely a week after the Frenchman released a new autobiography called, 'My Life In Red And White'.

In the book, Wenger opens up about his life, sharing principles for success on and off the field with lessons on leadership, personal development, and management.The book charts his extraordinary career, including his rise from obscurity in France and Japan to his 22 years at the helm of Arsenal Football Club.

It also covers the years of controversy that led up to his resignation in 2018 and his current seat as chief of global football development for FIFA.

Wenger offers studious reflections on the game and his groundbreaking approach to motivation, mindset, fitness, and the winning edge. He popularizes the attacking approach and belief that the game should be entertaining.

The Frenchman, who is ranked among the most successful managers of all time, was affectionately nicknamed "the professor," and has won multiple championships and run one undefeated and unmatched English Premier League season.


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