How to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy

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It is fair to say that most couples prefer to have a baby boy even though they would still be happy getting a baby girl. However, others don’t have a preference as long as the baby is healthy. There are various reasons why a person would prefer to conceive a baby of a particular gender, which is okay. So, for those looking forward to having a baby boy, we have a few tips for you. However, one needs to keep in mind that it is not 100% guaranteed to conceive a baby boy despite following the information. The upside is that you raise the probability or rather chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Proper timing

This means having intercourse on the ovulation day and preferably twelve hours before the woman starts ovulating. Why is this necessary, you may ask?

According to science, the female chromosome in the sperm cell is more resilient than the male one. Therefore, having intercourse on the ovulation day gives the male cell, which is faster but vulnerable, enough survival time to reach and fertilize the ovum. Another reason why chances of conceiving a baby boy are higher on the ovulation day than two or three days prior is that the sperms cells carrying the Y chromosome tend to be more fragile compared to the female X chromosome. Hence, they can die during the race to fertilize the egg.

Positions that allow deep penetration

The position that favors deep penetration is essential as it reduces the distances the male sperm has to travel before reaching the egg. Therefore, the deep penetration allows ejaculation to happen nearer the cervix compared to shallow penetration. The closer the sperm is to the cervix, the easier it is for the male sperm to find the ovum.

Ladies First

During intercourse, it would be beneficial if the woman gets to orgasm before the man ejaculates. This is because, during female orgasm, the secretion released is alkaline in nature and is proven to increase the chances of the male sperms’ survival hence increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Go big on alkaline foods and slow on acidic ones

As we have seen from the third tip, alkaline conditions tend to favor the Y chromosome (male), allowing it to swim faster and survive longer. Therefore, foods such as vegetables and fruits like bananas are good sources of Potassium and Alkali.

Try while still young

This is true for both men and women. In men, the sperm cell count is higher at a young age hence increasing the chances of a male sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg. As for women, more alkaline cervical fluid is produced when young and reduces as they age. Therefore, it is wise to try conceiving a baby boy when the conditions are still favorable for a boy.

In conclusion, all genders make great kids, but if you like to plan ahead, then good for you. All the best, and may you make a bouncing baby boy!

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