How to make the perfect samosas

How to make the perfect samosa. (Courtesy)

During this Corona pandemic period, it is fair to say that we have all learnt a skill or two. If you didn't get to learn any, don't worry because soon you will make perfect samosas to munch on as a snack or have for breakfast. The common type of samosas one may come across is the beef minced meat-filled pastry. For this samosas, you can never go wrong if you stick to the steps that are going to be outlined below.

So, your hands are washed, and you've got your sleeves up, ready to make your soon-to-be favorite snack. However, you have to ensure you have the following ingredients before jumping into action. You will need a kg of minced meat, crushed ginger, and garlic, six chopped leaky onions, oil, spices of your choice, and salt to taste. If you are a fan of that stinging sensation in your mouth, you dare not miss some chili or black pepper. For the wraps, set aside two cups of whole purpose flour, half a tablespoon of salt and a cup of water (preferably at room temperature).

Step 1: Boil the minced meat for about ten minutes and continually stir it to prevent it from forming big clumps; it has to separate into fine bits. Add the salt and ginger and continue stirring until the meat has lost its red colour and turned brown. Then set it aside.

Step 2: In a separate pan, fry the onions, garlic, and ginger with a fair amount of cooking oil and stir for two minutes then add in your boiled minced meat. Ensure any water that the meat lost while boiling is drained.

Step 3: Add the spices or chillies and then stir the mixture. Let cook for another 5 minutes before setting it aside.


Step 4: In a clean bowl, pour the two cups of wheat flour, add salt, a tablespoon of oil, and mix the ingredients.

Step 5: Start adding some little water as you mix the flour and when you achieve a moderate consistency (not too soft and not too tough), start kneading the dough. Knead for about 5 minutes, then cover it with a towel and let the gluten relax for half an hour.

Step 6: After thirty minutes, you will have to make about ten equal in size balls from the dough. Make sure you dust the surface with some flour as you are in for a roll. Spread the small balls into small circles (about 7 cm in diameter).

Step 7: Having rolled out ten circles, brush some oil on top and sprinkle the flour all over the oil.

Step 8: Make piles of three circles and dust them with enough oil as you will have to spread it out as one big circle. After achieving a big circle of 12 cm in diameter. Set a large pan on fire and let it heat for about 3 minutes. As you wait for it to heat, roll out the other circles in a pile of three's.

Step 9: After the pan has heated, dry the rolled out dough on it for a few seconds while turning it until you see some bubbles appearing on the surface. Step it aside to cool and do the same for the rest of the rolled out dough.

Step 10: Having your precooked chapati-like circles, start by peeling out each layer until you get your now three big and translucent circles. Each circle will have to be folded into half, then make a quarter from the half and cut out four quarters from the circle.

Step 11: Separate all the circles and cut all of them into quarter shapes. With the quarter shape, you will need to bring the two sides with the curve together and stick them with some flour paste(thick consistency of flour and water). After sticking the sides together, you will remain with the top part, which is pointed, and this will be used to seal the samosa. This style makes the best shape for the perfect samosas.

Step 12: Repeat the above step for all the quarters and then start the filling process. Fill your samosa with just a spoonful of minced meat to ensure the wraps are not too stuffed to seal. After filling, take to the top hanging side of the wrap, rub some paste on its inner sides, and then stick it to the other two sides to make a triangle shape.

Step 13: Repeat the above step for all the wraps and set them aside. Then pour some oil in a deep woke for deep frying the samosas.

Step 14: After the oil has heated for about 7 minutes, fry the samosas in numbers of four. Keep turning them until they are cooked both sides. You will know they are ready once they turn brown. Remove from the woke and put them in an oil drainer.

Step 15: When they are all ready, put them on a large plate covered in paper towels dry any extra oil that had not drained.

Serve your samosas with tea or coffee or even some salad.

Note that the secret to making the perfect samosas is to make a firm dough and delicious filling. Also, if your first time did not yield perfect ones, make them another day because practice makes perfect samosas.

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