Lindah Kiyeng: Woman Of The Year 2020

Lindah Kiyeng, pr and communications Guru

Lindah Kiyeng isn't a new name in media and Public Relations circles rather it's a name that everyone in media and PR knows.

Ms. Kiyeng has managed to build a name for herself because of her PR and media companies that are currently helping governments and non-governmental organizations spread accurate information to the people about the pandemic and how citizens can take precautionary measures.

Being self-made in an industry filled with hurdles and challenges especially for women isn't easy but she has managed to overcome and come out on top. Breaking the glass ceiling wasn't easy for her especially when she started out.

She says, "My first job was an english news editor at a local radio station. I had confidence issues and would often avoid going on air because of this. I knew I wanted to make it big in the media and PR industry but I didn't know how I would do it."

She adds, "It was at this moment that I realized my love for PR and media. I enrolled in campus to pursue a degree in public relations and journalism and saved every single coin I had. It was this money that helped me start my PR firm after graduating."

Lindah always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She always wanted to be a boss ever since she was in high school and made sure her dream came into fruition owning all her companies 100percent.

The Communication CEO says, “Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time, sacrifice and dedication. It wasn't developing and turning my companies into profitable entities but thank God. He always comes through."

It took a lot of sacrifices on my part and on my family's part. They endured the journey with me and I will always be grateful for that. They were willing to be uncomfortable so that I could be comfortable and I'm so grateful for that.

I would advise those who wish to follow in my footsteps to find something that they love and are passionate about. Then give it their all and they will surely succeed.

Lindah further states, "My biggest inspiration is my daughter Leilani Bett and I do it so that she knows that she can be her own boss and live life on her own terms"

 Lindah is the founder and owner of Lindah Kiyeng Communications Africa's largest PR Company. She also owns several media companies. She is our woman of the year because she has managed to endure difficult times and come out on top. In a male dominated industry she has managed to make her businesses profitable and successful with her two hands. We celebrate self-made women like her.

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