A lockdown not a solution in fight against coronavirus as President Kenyatta calls for self-discipline


As opposed to the anticipated lock down restriction by a section of Kenyans, President Kenyatta’s speech emphasized on self-responsibility in fighting the corona virus stating that a lock down is not the answer to stop the spread of the virus but rather than self-discipline among the citizens as the government cannot police all the citizens


The president highlighted stringed measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus which has seen a sharp increase over the last 21 days with a big number of cases being reported specifically in the country's capital. About 44 counties have reported positive cases of the Corona virus disease.


The head of state also ordered the closure of all bars in the country up to a time that will be announced. This comes as some bars have been reported to having been holding ‘day-time parties’ from 8 am to 8 pm.


He also amended the operating time of all eateries and restaurants, revising the closing time back to 7 pm from the previous 8 pm with a restriction on the sale of alcoholic beverages and drinks.


Bars and other social joints that will be found operating will have their operation licenses permanently withdrawn according to the directives issued to the inspector general of police, Hillary Mutyambai. “The IG shall file a weekly return of all bars whose licenses have been withdrawn to the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government." directed the President.


With the political realignment having taken course in the past few weeks. The new orders and directives seems to work against politicians who on several occasions have been seen flouting the guidelines and measures outlined by the ministry of health.


 Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja being one of the latest politician to be prosecuted for defying the curfew aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. Sakaja was the chairman of the senate committee on COVID-19 before his unceremonious resignation last week. With the president instructing the IG not to spare anyone despite their status and political position.


Politicians have been seen holding meetings across the country in preparation for the 2022 general elections with the Tanga Tanga aligned politicians lamenting of double standards in the enforcement of curfew restrictions on political gatherings.

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