Study: Black ethnic men twice as likely to succumb to coronavirus than white men

Covid-19 patient. Image|Courtesy

A study contacted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that men from black ethnic backgrounds are twice as likely to die with COVID-19 than white males, reports Sky News.

The data also shows that south Asian men have a significantly higher risk of death, at around 1.5 times higher than white men.

The study was conducted based on place of residence, population density, deprivation and households state.

Men in Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian ethnic background also showed a significantly higher risk of COVID-19 related death at 1.5 and 1.6 times respectively, compared to white males.

“For females in Bangladeshi or Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and mixed ethnic groups, the risk of death was equivalent to white females,” says ONS in a statement.

"Analysis continues to show that people from a black ethnic background are at a greater risk of death involving Covid-19 than all other ethnic groups,” Nick Stripe, ONS official told Sky News.

Stripe added that "The ONS will continue to research this unexplained increased risk of death, examining the impact of other health conditions."


Source: Sky News

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