School girl commits suicide amid Covid-19 break in Kakamega

Crime scene. Image|Courtesy

A family in Burundu village in Kakamega county is in mourning after their 14-year-old daughter committed suicide.

Trizer Khasandi committed suicide after his brother provoked her over an alleged love affair. She is said to have taken cattle pesticide and died while receiving treatment at Kakamega General Hospital after being referred form Malava Hospital.

The mother Ms. Jeniffer said her daughter was sent on an errand when her brother caught her on the road side standing with a young man which caused him to take action.

"The brother caught her talking with a young man on the road and disciplined her. That's when she decided to go ahead and drink the pesticide," said Jeniffer Zakayo, the diseased mother.

The girl who topped during last year in the national exams at her school was a promising young girl according to the family, since she was always focused on her studies and didn't show any form of mischievous behavior.

"My sister was a good learner and a promising girl. I didn't know that taking such an action will lead to this. I did it like any other elder brother will do to protect their sister. A normal discipline that any parent could apply. That's when she decided to take cattle dip on Sunday around ten o'clock at home," her brother said.

The incident comes days after studies showed that Kakamega county is leading in early pregnancy cases in the country.

As schools set to reopen in September, the county women representative Elsie Muhanda on one of her interviews urged parents to keep watching their daughters during this hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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