Parents should not worry about school fees, says PS Bellio Kipsang

On Saturday president Uhuru Kenyatta announced the reopening of schools to September 1 and the ministry of education to come up with a new calender for students by August on how schools programme will be carried.

On Friday last week the Cabinet Secretary of Education Prog. George Magoha received the report from the National Education Committee Response team, hinting that the report recommended that the safety of students and teachers must be prioritized and schools be opened on September and national exams be done in February next year.

With the schools possible set to reopen on September, the number of teen pregnancies has increased. The candidate class is among the first that could be allowed back to school come 1st September.

"Allowing students to go to school at once might be risk in compacting the disease. The examination class that is class 8 and form fours be allowed to go back to school as the others join them later." Said Permanent Secretary of Education Dr. Bellio Sang.

Speaking during an interview with one of the local station the PS education Bellio Sang said that the school calendar as directed by the president will give a directive on how the learn will continue after the pandemic has contained and parents should not call cause an alarm about the payments they made.

"No one speculated that adverse effects of the pandemic. When the calendar is out, learning will resume from where it stopped similar to their school fees. We shall formulate on how this will be done and there is no reason to worry." He said.

Parents have been complaining about the fees being charged despite their children being at home. While some have been taking online classes especially from private schools. The government through Kenya institute of curriculum Development KICD, provides learning on television and radio for students and pupils at home.

"The government has been providing learning for our Kenyan students on various platforms. The radio classes and television classes have been ongoing and note that the program started long even before the pandemic. Those in private schools are still Kenyans. The technicalities applied for those in public schools will also apply. They are all our students and the question of being treated as another entity is not there," he added.

The calendar will outline the reopening of primary and secondary schools, technical and universities across the country.

The PS also hinted that the interns in the national program offered by the ministry will be given priority when it comes to employment of teachers.

"The internship program is offered in all ministries in the government. For our ministry it takes a year. They help the teachers and help reduce the cost of the board of management by schools. When it comes to employment definitely they will be among the first slot to be considered," he added.

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