Nicklas Bendtner reveals losing £6 million playing poker during his stay at the English Premier League

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Former Arsenal star Nicklas Bedtner has revealed that he started playing poker at the age of 19 years, a move that has seen him blow away £6 million.

The striker, 32, said he has been playing Texas Hold'Em and used to take part in high-stakes poker sessions while based in London.

The Sun report that the Denmark international has never had a gambling problem, adding that the risks of big-money losses have made him play more prudently.

"I have lost lots of money - a totally unrealistic amount. I've played a lot of poker in my life. I've been playing against a professional poker player since I was 19,” said Bendtner.

He continues, "It is difficult to put an amount on how much I have lost, but it is around 50 million Danish crowns, equivalent to £6m.

"This was on gambling, fun and trouble. I wouldn't say I've had a gambling problem at all. I've always been able to control it.

"However in the past I played in really big games. One night in London things got out of control, and they could have ended up really wrong.

"It ended up not so badly. It was something I could have lived with.

However, Bendtner said he quit the high-stake gambling after the incident in London.

"But from that night on, playing in high-stake games has been over for me.

"Since then I have chosen to play for far smaller amounts.

"Now I mostly play for the sake of the game.

Bendtner spent nine seasons with the Gunners, and also played for Birmingham, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest.

He is currently a free agent after leaving hometown club FC Copenhagen last December.

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