Merry go round helps Kisii residents add up to big four agenda

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Merry Go Rounds or better known as ‘Chama’ are an investment plans that is done by few people in a group. It doesn’t necessarily have a specific number for the members, it could be five, ten or even twenty people.

‘Chama’ has a chairperson and treasurer. A typical chama will have agendas, like instead of giving out money each month, they decide to buy the person who’s turn it is to receive money, whatever they need to get.

In Kisii for example, a Chama is a real deal. It has helped a lot of stay at home mums do their developments slowly. Most of those women have their husbands working in different cities, hence they are left at home to take care of the children and day to day activities in the homestead.

A typical woman loves to be independent. Everyone loves to be independent. Asking for money on a daily basis is exhausting and no one wants that. This is why the chama come in handy for such women.

One chama is doing collections and building houses for their members. During collection day, members give their stipulated amount, then they again have to do something they call ‘sindikiza’ to the receiver.

With this, anyone can give whatever amount they have, in turn, when their turn comes, you are required to return the same favor if not more than that.

Women in Kisii have made huge strides with the help of the chama. The little they get from their daily hustles, they save up for the contribution at the end of the month.

One is able to spare few coins for their hair, clothes among other personal needs, all thanks to merry go rounds.

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