Premier League football could be back on TV within weeks

EPL matches return. Image|Courtesy

Premier League matches could return behind closed doors, with Boris Johnson administration seeing the resumption of live sport as key to boosting the moral of the nation.

The country has been on lockdown for a couple of weeks and with major sporting events postponed over coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Sun, all football leagues, tennis, cricket and horse racing could also resume under detailed proposals to be thrashed out between ministers, Public Health England officials and sporting bodies.

The move is aimed at finishing the 2019/20 league season, allowing the transfer window to open –channeling money back to the football economy.

There are also plans to air some games on public platforms to stop people going round to where Sky or BT Sport arenas are available.

Experts say that sporting activities are simple to control compared to reopening pubs, theatres or cinemas.

However, organizers have to meet a strict set of criteria, including being able to maintain social-distancing and keeping all involved safe from infection.

On Thursday, UEFA said it had plans to let clubs go to playoffs, a move that could determine the Champions and Europa league qualifiers.

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