No Mitumba selling in Kitale: Youth cry foul of idleness, insecurity during COVID-19 pandemic

Mitumba business in Kenya. Image|Courtesy

Traders in Trans Nzoia county selling second hand clothes famously known as ‘Mitumba’ were on Thursday forced to close their businesses following a directive from the county government in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

On a better day of Thursday, police were in town sending home idle persons on the streets, ensuring that ‘Mitumba’ stalls remain closed.

This has resulted to youths, who were surviving from ‘Mitumba’ business, ending up in gambling.

“Since they closed the market I have been surviving through trying my luck out in gambling and other online sites. Life has been tough. Yet we have to survive.” Said Samuel wanyonyi a youth at Shanti area in Kitale.

According to Mr. Wanyonyi, many youths in the county are currently idle posing danger to security state of the county.

The youth are now calling upon the county government to allow them finish up their stock to get some cash to push them through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I sell jackets and had just acquired a bail before the markets were closed. Now the little money got is over, I have nothing to keep my family going. The government should allow us finish up the stock as we observe the measures,” he added.

The government suspended importation of mitumba clothes on March 20, in a move to limit the importation of the virus and boost the local textile industries.


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