Wuhan lab ‘did absolutely crazy things possibly aiming for HIV vaccine, claims Russian microbiologist

Scientists in Wuhan Lab. Image Courtesy EPA

Wuhan lab scientists created “variants of the coronavirus without malicious intent” possibly aiming for an HIV vaccine, a Russian Microbiologist Professor Petr Chumakov has claimed.

In a report published by The Sun, the coronavirus is the result of Wuhan scientists doing “absolutely crazy things” in their laboratory.

"It’s too early to blame anyone. But no one excludes that behind the scientists stood curators who directed actions in another direction which they needed,” said Prof. Chumakov

The world renowned expert claimed their aim was to study the pathogenicity of the virus and not “with malicious intent” to deliberately create a man-made killer.

The chief researcher at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow further said, “In China, scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory have been actively involved in the development of various coronavirus variants for over ten years.”

“Moreover, they did this, supposedly not with the aim of creating pathogenic variants, but to study their pathogenicity. They did absolutely crazy things, in my opinion.

“For example, inserts in the genome, which gave the virus the ability to infect human cells.

“Now all this has been analysed.

“The picture of the possible creation of the current coronavirus is slowly emerging.”

He added that there are several inserts –the substitutions of the natural sequence of the genome, which gave it special properties.

“It is interesting that the Chinese and Americans who worked with them published all their works in the open (scientific) press. I even wonder why this background comes to people very slowly, said the professor.

He urged for set guidelines and legislations to regulate the work with the genomes of such dangerous viruses.

“I think that an investigation will nevertheless be initiated, as a result of which new rules will be developed that regulate the work with the genomes of such dangerous viruses.

The Coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19, pandemic has infected over 2,639,243 people across the world, killing at least 183,820 with 715,734 people recovering.


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