Kitale residents yet to follow measures set by government as most carry on with business

Residents going about their business, Kitale. Imag

Barely two weeks after the county government of Trans Nzoia closed the open-air markets in the county, normalcy seems to be crippling back with traders opening their stalls. The residents continue to be going about their duties with social distance barely observed.

On Monday, police and Boda Boda operators in Kitale engaged in a running battle as Boda Boda riders still access town despite the ban and police blocks at various points in the county.

The number of residents wearing face masks is wanting. The county urged the Boda Boda operators to carry one passenger and have masks but this has since landed on deaf ears.

The health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said that it is not a government’s disease but it is our disease. With the various killing even the mighty in the society it is clearly noted that are people putting on masks when hearing the police or health people are in patrol. Many walks with their masks in pockets and handbags.

“The masks make it difficult for someone to breath. You sweat a lot and smakes one feel uncomfortable. But I have it and I don’t miss it when going anywhere. Most have and after a little scare you will be shocked that almost everyone in town has a mask.” Said a trader at Chanuka Market in Kitale.

On Sunday a police lorry arrested worshippers at a church in Lukhuna area in Kitale after they were found inside the church despite the government’s order on closure of churches. In the same area a young man was arrested with a full police uniform and a pistol at his disposal, days after a police officer was found dead.

About 50 Kenyans were reported to have sneaked out of an isolation center in Nairobi who were arrested after defying the dusk to dawn curfew on Friday.

A number of Kenyans have continued to be “indiscipline” in the fight against corona even with the number of infections in the country continues to rise.

In an interview with a local radio station on Wednesday morning, President Uhuru Kenyatta warned those going against the set rules, adding that those who escaped will get to face the law for putting the life of others in danger.

With the ministry of health doing all it can to keep the country safe and contain the virus, it is evident that Kenyans are the ones frustrating the efforts of the government.

The country so far has recorded a total of 303 COVID-19 cases, after the ministry of health tested 707 samples with 7 turning out positive as at Wednesday.


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