England Premier League clubs begin to redefining their furlough scheme amid COVID-19 pandemic

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho. Image|Courtesy

England Premier League clubs have begun redefining their furlough scheme amid COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, Tottenham reversed their decision to use the government's furlough scheme, saying that the non-playing staff will take home "100% of their pay for April and May".

This is contrary to their March 31 announcement that 550 employees would take a 20% pay cut in an attempt "to protect jobs".

The club said that only board members will now take salary reductions, including chairman Daniel Levy.

"We regret any concern caused during an anxious time and hope the work our supporters will see us doing in the coming weeks, as our stadium takes on a whole new purpose, will make them proud of their club," said Levy.

This comes as following supporters’ criticisms and the club hopes it strengthen back their relationship.

"This is the first step, but a big step, in restoring relations between fans and the club," the group added.

The club added that, "With no clarity on when football might resume, and under what conditions, we shall continue to keep this under ongoing review.”

"We are acutely aware that many supporters were against the decision we made regarding furloughing staff who could not carry out their jobs from home.”

"This once again underlines that we bear different pressures to other businesses, many of whom have and will continue to apply for support from the scheme as the government intended," read the statement in part.

Other Premier League club like Newcastle United, Bournemouth and Norwich City have announced they will furlough some non-playing staff.

Leaders Liverpool have already reversed their decision to place some non-playing staff on temporary leave and apologised to fans following a fierce backlash, reports BBC sports.

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