Siaya Senator James Orengo want health CS Mutahi Kagwe to explain the circumstances leading to hasty burial of Coronavirus dead patient

Siaya Senator James Orengo. Image|Courtesy

Incidences surrounding the burial of a patient said to have succumbed to COVID-19 in Siaya County have sparked controversy, with senator James Orengo referring to it as “crude and macabre.”

The senator now wants health CS Mutahi Kgwe to explain the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding the burial, which took place at night against burial rules.

In a press statement, Orengo demands an explanation from both the national and the county government of their understanding of the events that led to horrific act.

“Human dignity does not end with death. In all cultures across the world the burial of the dead is a solemn event accompanied with elaborate rituals. We respect the dead and that is why we have graves, tombs, crypts, mausoleums and pyramids. Veneration of the dead is based on love, respect and dignity for the deceased,” said Mr. Orengo.

The senator added that, in the African and more so Kenyan society, such kind of act with little concern for the grieving family and the community has no place.

The senator has also called on the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi to take necessary legal action on the matter.

The deceased, James Oyugi Onyango –a former Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) employee, –succumbed to coronavirus infections, after traveling from Mobasa to his home in Siaya.


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