This is a fight against Coronavirus pandemic –not against civilians

Peope lie on the ground as police enforce curfew.

Every nation across the world is trying to keep its citizens safe a midst COVID-19 pandemic, which has shaken even the super powers, sweeping away civilians and putting almost all sectors of the economy on hold.

The viral flu does not choose among the poor, the mighty or the royals, surging across all corners of the world, with no one to run to. The latest infection case to popular world leader reported in United Kingdom, as Premier Boris Johnson confirmed on Thursday that he has contracted the virus.

Kenya –not being an exemption –has as at Saturday 29 confirmed 38 cases, one recovery and at least one death, as Italy -which is badly hit -with reporting over 9000 COVID-19 cases.

Fighting Coronavirus

The government has put in place a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus –which include reduced passenger number by public service vehicles, urging the public to maintain social distance as well as banning all social gatherings.

On Wednesday the president announced of a daily curfew running from 7pm to 5am to minimize social gathering exhibited in bars and clubs. So sad that Kenyans are taking the measures as if they are helping the government and not themselves in fighting the virus.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said in on one of his address on matters COVID-19 that “it is not a matter of serikali saidia ni wewe usadie serikali” (Its now time for us to stand with the government). ‘Wananchi’ should also take and perform their responsibility cautiously in fight against the virus


The night-time curfew kicked off on Friday as directed by the president, however, its enforcement was marred with violence across various towns in the country, with police officers flogging innocent civilians trying to find their way back home before the stipulated time of the curfew.

The Likoni incident is uncalled off and inappropriate act from our security forces. The security officer beating a journalist in the process without fear when it was only few minutes to the time.

Does it mean the police was not aware that the journalists were among the essential services mentioned by the president? Was it out of ignorance? Or was that the directive from the interior cabinet secretary and the national police service?

The brutality of the police on the fast day of the curfew was inhuman. To mention, scores were injured on the first night of the curfew –what could be the situation at the end of the curfew.

The police should remember it is a fight against coronavirus and not civilians -their actions on Friday night was saddening.

Everyone should act right let’s put the measures as directed by the authorities. Be at the right place at the right time to avoid being on the bad side of the situation. The virus will be contained by joined effort and not from one party. Everybody workout their part and it will go miles in combating further spread of the virus.

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