Kenya curfew get many unaware as PSV halt operations leaving passengers stranded

Passenger stranded at CBD as curfew takes effect.

The government directive for a-night-time curfew is now into effect but majority of Kenyans have found themselves stuck in various cities.

Those coming from work, shopping found it difficult to meet the restrictions laid out, even as traffic snarl up in major cities delayed movement.

In Nairobi, a number of residents are stuck in town after PSV matatus stopped operations as at 7pm, the laid out time for the start of the curfew, which will run till 5am.

Mombasa experienced a large number of people at Likoni ferry, as at 6.45pm, who had not crossed to be in their houses by 7pm.

Reports shows that there were long queues experienced at the Likoni ferry as people struggled to meet curfew ultimatums.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, in a phone call to Citizen TV, confirmed that the issue of queuing at for ferry services won’t help in the fight against Coronavirus.

“If you at the ques, people are too close, there is no social distancing –and these are common people trying to make ends meet, how are we going to ensure that they are safe,” said Governor Joho.

Inspector general of police Hillary Mutiambai said the police have been deployed to all parts of the country to ensure that all Kenyans adhere to the set curfew rules.

He added that the curfew is in effect until further notice, and anyone caught in violation of the directive will be arrested and charged in the court of law.

“There will be no movement of motor vehicles during curfew and essential service providers exempt from the curfew should have identification cards,” said the IG.


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