List of essential,critical service providers exempted from curfew directive


As one of the measures to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic, President Uhuru Kenyatta gave a curfew directive effective from Friday March 27, 2020 7pm to 5am.

However, the curfew does not apply to critical and essential service providers. Below is a list of entities exempted from the directive.

1. Health workers and medical practtioners

2. National security, administration, and coordination officers

3. Public health and sanitization officers in county governments

4. Licensed broadcasters and media houses

5. Kenya Power and Lighting Company

6. Food dealers, distributors, wholesales, and transporters of farm produce

7. Licensed supermarkets, mini markets, and hypermarkets

8. Licensed distributors and retailers of petroleum and oil products and lubricants

9. Licensed telecommunication operators and service provides

10. Licensed banks, financial institutions and payment financial services

11. Fire brigade and other emergency response services

Kenya has three more confirmed cases of Coronavirus that brings the national toll to 28.

In a statement issued from State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta, has however stated that one Coronavirus patient has recovered from the disease.

He added that the government is enhancing quarantine and testing capacity on a daily basis.

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