Ministry of Health press briefing: How to wash hands according to A PhD holder in hand washing

Miriam Sidibe has advised Kenyans to take at least 20 seconds to wash their hands in a bid to fight Coronavirus.

Sidibe is PhD holder in hand washing from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her father is the Minister of Health in Mali.

She explained the process of hand washing after the press briefing by Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe. She said Coronavirus is an envelope virus and the abrasion during hand washing helps in killing the virus.

Miriam explained that hand washing is a 7-step process that involves using running water and any type of soap. She added that the secret is singing happy birthday twice to ensure you have washed your hands for at least 20 seconds.

She instead that Kenyans have to focus on their fingers and thumb as well while hand washing to ensure they cover every part of their hands.

Besides, Miriam said she has a TED talk on hand washing that has a million views.

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