National government takes over key functions of Nairobi County –with set Metropolitan Service office to oversee

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa greets Nairobi Govern

In more than three months, residents of Nairobi County have been feeling the hit –with poor service delivery –from Governor Mike Sonko led-administration.

With corruption charges facing the City Hall boss, much controversy revolving the county management has caused panic among residents and especially the CBD duelers, coupled with untidy state and boycott by the county workers.

Moving across the city, streets are full of garbage –a clear indication that Nairobi is lacking on one thing –leadership.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to established the office of the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) comes as a ray of hope for millions of city duelers, who have been crying foul over poor service delivery.

On Wednesday, the president appointed Major General Mohamed Abdalla Badi as the director general of NMS, completing the national government takeover of key functions from the county’s administration.

Among these functions include transport, public works and planning dockets, which were surrendered in February by Governor Mike Sonko.

NMS responsibilities

The Nairobi Metropolitan Service is required to dismantle cartels at City Hall, streamlining renewal projects such as urban housing in Pangani and Jevanjee, as well as the implementation of the Nairobi railway masterplan.

It will also streamline the approval and licensing of building, decongestion of the city, tackling the garbage menace and operationalization of non-motorized transport goals such as the installation of walkways.

NMS is also expected to reform the water and sanitation sectors, sewerage, health, roads and housing.

“The Nairobi Metropolitan Service will be in charge of the functions that are transferred to the national government on behalf of the county government. The primary responsibility would be to ensure delivery of services to the citizens of Nairobi,” said President Kenyatta.

It will also operationalize two matatu termini at Desai Road and Park Road, reintroducing the use of traffic signals to improve traffic management and help decongest the central business district.


For parking revenue, president Uhuru ordered NMS to introduce automated, hourly car parking facilities at the central bus station (along Landhies Road), sunken car park (along Aga Khan Walk), and the Nairobi law courts parking (along City Hall Way).

"Our plans for enhanced service through commuter rail are also going to yield great results on decongesting Nairobi. We will take first delivery of four out of the 11 diesel multiple unit trains from Spain by July 2020. The availability of these units will increase our capacity to provide commuter rail services," said the president.

Tax will be collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority, on behalf of the county government following an agreement between KRA Commissioner General James Mburu and Nairobi Finance Executive Allan Igambi.






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