Former Marakwet West MP David Sudi pledges masks, hand sanitizers to residents of Marakwet county amid coronavirus spread fear

Hon. David Sudi, former MP Marakwet west. Image|Co

Former Marakwet West MP Hon David Sudi has pledged support to the people of Marakwet by supplying masks and hand sanitizers amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

This comes even after the country records a fourth case of the novel virus, following Friday first case reported at Ongata Rongai.

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) founder also emphasized on the importance of washing hands, practicing good hygiene, self-isolation and going to hospital if one feels unwell in the wake of the corona virus spread.

Mr Sudi is said to have been working on an agricultural project that saw him bring modern western technology to Marakwet county to curb poverty and unemployment.

"It is very heartbreaking and unfortunate to see what is happening around the world. Before the outbreak we were implementing farming projects here in the county using modern technology," said Mr. Sudi.

Modern Technology

He added, “We have partnered up with Almarai of Saudi Arabia under Private Public Partnership to create employment for the youth through this initiative and will resume at the end of the year after we ensure everybody is safe and sound."

The NEW DEMOCRATS party leader urged all Kenyans to employ Modern Technology in order to turn Semi Arid Land into a Land Of Milk And Honey.

Addressing journalists, the jovial politician could not hide his excitement as he explained his future intentions for the people of Marakwet County.

Hon David Sudi explained how he intends to employ modern electronic technology in order to turn Marakwet's arid and barren land into fertile agricultural land, using modern technology.

"We have seen countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia using modern technology to turn barren land into productive agricultural land and I think we can make Marakwet and by making Kenya a food secure by doing the same. We will be able to help the youth who are grappling with unemployment in the county and also boost the economy of the county," said the former MP.

He added that, "members of the NEW DEMOCRATS in groups of minimum of 10 people registered in every polling station will own a Fleckvieh cow for Milk as we partner up with Almarai of Saudi Arabia under Private Public Partnership to create employment ."

Fighting corruption

Hon.Sudi also emphasized on the importance of creating value addition companies in Kenya where industries will be able to add value, package and sell honey, milk and meat to neighbouring counties.

"I believe it is possible, I can bring this dream to fruition and transform the county and improve livelihoods in the process.We need to empower people on the ground and these are our farmers," he added.

Mr Sudi has raised concerns on the high levels of poverty in the county and feels that through this initiative poverty can be alleviated and the people will be empowered.

"Corruption is a vice that has crippled so many counties and it is because of corruption that we see people suffering because they cannot access basic services because of corruption. We should do our best to curb and stop it so that we can fulfill our destiny as a country," said Mr. Sudi.

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