Kakamega County move to curb COVID-19 spread

Governor Wycliffe Oparanya. Image|Courtesy

Kakamega County has released its set of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, even as the country calls on shut down of institutions and reduction of social interactions.

The County Governor Wycliffe Opanaya on Monday directed all public mortuaries to shut down, in a bid to reduce social gathering which can propagate the spread of COVID-19.

The County is among the 14 counties listed on the Coronavirus spread risk.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday addressed the public, directing and advocating for a set of measures to curb the spread of the viral free.

Social distancing, being part of the measures, has become a key measure implemented by different county governments, as they look set to fight the virus from the community level.

The government advocated for limited interaction in places of worship, wedding, schools and even during burials.

Governor Oparanya called on Kakamega residents to bury their dead immediately, as a way of minimizing on social gathering, limiting the spread of the disease.

The governor also urged residents to avoid hand shaking, instead wave at others as a sign of greetings.

He also encouraged residents to exercise hygiene standards, including washing of hands with soap, to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

The first case of the coronavirus infection was reported in the country on Friday, with a 27-year-old lady alleged to have travelled to the country from the United States, tested positive.

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