Oscar award winner Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson test positive for COVID-19: Here is why the world is talking about them and coronavirus positive test

Tom Hanks and Wife Rita wilson. Image|Courtesy

Oscar award winner Tom Hanks and wife coronavirus positive test-results have sparked debate globally, even as the World Health Organization declared the disease a pandemic.

Search Engines have dominated Hanks name with google recording more 10,000 searches.

But what could have posed their case to trend across the globe?


Hanks and wife are among the world’s high-profile patients to have contracted the virus and following doctor's orders.

Following Hanks Wednesday announced that he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with the virus, many people have gone online looking for information on how they goat infected and their wellbeing.

Coronavirus-hit areas

Hanks said he and his wife were in Australia when they began feeling ill, therefore, many online users want to know the rate of the viral flu in Australia, and what the country’s authority has done; the measures to control it.

New movie/concerts

CNN writes that Hanks is in Australia working on an as-yet-untitled Elvis Presley movie for Warner Bros. He is playing the singer's manager Colonel Tom Parker. Baz Luhrmann is directing.

The project was in pre-production at the time of Hanks and his wife's diagnosis. This has sparked controversy as to whether those who came into contact with them have contracted the virus.

Wilson, on her part, had scheduled concert dates in Sydney, Australia and South Brisbane, Australia. She has been touring in support of her new album "Halfway to Home."

This also worries the authority of Wilson’s audience during her performance.

Virus effects

The couple are both 63 years old, which puts them in the category of "older adults" who, according to experts, are the most susceptible to becoming seriously ill from the virus.

People, are amazed by the fact that this virus majorly affects people of certain age, a fact that has sparked online debate.

The Coronavirus impact continue to be felt worldwide, even as the United States record almost 100 cases, banning all flights to and from England.


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