Uhuru Kenyatta has never bothered to find out from William Ruto why he keeps on complaining, says Kipchumba Murkomen

DP Ruto and Senator Murkomen at a past event. Imag

Senate majority leader and Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has dared President Uhuru Kenyatta to face his Deputy President William Ruto, asking him about the complaints he has been making about the ‘system.’

The DP has been hitting headlines over what he complains as ‘the system’ using government offices to sabotage his 2020 presidential election bid.

Speaking at JKL show at Citizen TV on Wednesday night, the senate majority leader justified Ruto’s claims saying that complaint related to life matter are very serious and needs to be discussed cautiously.

“I think the DP complaining that his life is in danger, should not be taken lightly. What President Uhuru Kenyatta should do is to approach him and try to discuss this matter seriously,” said Murkomen.

The Senator also faulted ODM leader Raila Odinga, saying that he should have been the first to push the government to take note of Ruto’s life complaint as an opposition leader, if indeed he was advocating for a true handshake.

National Assembly Minority Leader Junet Mohammed, also present at the show, dismissed the senator saying that what the DP is seeking public sympathy from his claims.

“How can the Deputy President complain of being politically witch hunted by the ‘System’, yet he is part of that system? He forms part of the Jubilee government, yet he does not have faith in the same government institutions,” said the MP.

Mr. Mohammed further told off the DP over his claims saying ‘if the Deputy President, who has a battalion of security personnel behind him, complains of someone targeting to kill him, how can a ‘mama mboga’ or common mwananch without security complain?”

DP William Ruto said in a Sunday rally that someone wants to kill him, pointing a figure to the ‘system’ which he said that it is using government officials to frustrate his office.

During sergeant Kinei’s burial, Ruto said that a group of people are working hard to make sure that he doesn’t vie for the 2020 presidential elections, but he won’t stop unless they silence him.

Political analysts have it that the DP feels Jubilee government has sidelined him and his core strategy to stay in the race is to try and win public understanding.




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