KTN show host Tony Gachoka accuse DP Ruto for using bloggers to escape Point Blank

Tony Gachoka and DP Ruto. Image|Courtesy

For the better part of Tuesday evening, twitter hash tag Sharon and Tony Gachoka was trending, with obscene images accusing the KTN Point Blank show host of sexual harassment.

Some twitter users lashed at Mr. Gachoka over what they term as misconduct, but others have seen a point in his explanation.

The TV host says that he understands that he met Sharon and another blogger for a discussion, which did not materialize.

He goes on to accuse Deputy President William Ruto, and allies for framing him with Sharon story.

“SOME bloggers are dishonest and try to work for multiple people when you FIND the conflict you move on and obviously it's not always pleasant but it hasn’t escaped my eye that it’s come up following my very public expose of DP Ruto who must find a way to decline Point Blank Live show, “ reads a twit from Gachoka’s handle.

Earlier, the presenter had dared the DP to face him up for the show, set to be aired on Wednesday 11, 200, at 9.45 pm.

“DP William Ruto following your challenge #TonyGachoka am man enough to face you anyday. You're a corrupt, dishonest & vindictive man who has amassed a fortune by looting State Resources. Your history of blood letting in Kenya is known; so take it from me my Fren I don't fear you!” Gachoka continues to twit.

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