How a man behaves when he fails to win over a woman he likes?

Rejection is a common occurrence in relationships. It is either things are not working out anymore or the other party is in love with someone else. People handle rejection in different ways. Some accept it with time and move on while others find ways to cope with rejection. Now, what happens when a man fails to win over the woman he likes?

He does not date anymore

Rejection takes a toll on an individual. It requires a strong heart to accept it no matter how long it takes. When a man does not get the woman he has affection for, some decide to never date again. It is difficult connecting with another woman because she is not what he wants. For that reason, he could decide to never pursue another woman for a while.

Finds a desperate woman to quench his yearnings

Some men decide to go on a ‘shopping’ spree after a rejection. Whichever desperate or available women they come across they decide to be with them. They use these women to fill the void in their hearts, and of course, the females are the ones who suffer in the end once they realize they are dealing with a joke of a man. A man in this category will only call the woman when he needs her company or show up if he feels like it not because he wants to.

He looks for a woman with the character and looks of the woman he cannot have

The worst thing some men do after rejection is go out on a search for a female who looks and acts like the woman he could not win over. It is a strenuous endeavor but it happens. They look for specific traits such as height, physique, fluency, and even small details such as eyes and lips. One problem with such a behavior is that the woman he gets will never be perfect for him.

Dealing with rejection is difficult. It takes time to get over the experience, but with perseverance and a willing heart, it is possible to move on. As a woman, be on the lookout for men who have not moved on and are coping with rejection in the above ways. Trust your instincts whenever you feel that he is not being straight with you. Do not become a plan B woman in his life because you will never be perfect for him.


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