Former senator calls for DP Ruto grill over Sergeant Kenei’s murder, pushing for his impeachment

DP William Ruto at Kenei's burial. Image|Courtesy

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto’s impeachment plot is yet to be revived following former Senator Paul Ben Njoroge’s allegations that he (Ruto) must have a hand in the murder of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei.

According to the standard, Mr. Njoroge wants the DP to record a comprehensive statement at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Offices, regarding the murder of Kenei.

“The deputy president Ruto should record a comprehensive statement regarding the assassination of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who was murdered in cold blood,” said the former senator.

He called on the government to conduct serious investigtions and bring just to the family of Sergeant Kenei.

“The government should extend serious investigations and make Ruto record a statement regarding the death of Sergeant Kenei and the fake tender deal,” said Mr. Njoroge.

Njoroge further called for the impeachment of the deputy president, saying that he is misusing his office.

“Ruto should be impeached and immediate investigations should be carried out on him since he is using his office as the Deputy President to camouflage his dirty deals,” he added.

This is not the first time an impeachment plot against the DP has been brought to the public opinion court.

In March 2019, Siaya Senator James Orengo threatened to move an impeachment motion against the DP, citing all corruption scandals touching on his (Ruto) office, as a valid reason to kick him out of office.

"This is a reason enough to take the DP home. We are coming from a transformative tradition to an informative, which depend on the kind of the leaders we have," said Orengo in an interview with a local television.

Orengo cited gross misconduct as the main reason to the impeachment of the DP.

Asked why he ought not to take the DP to court provided that he has the evidence, he said "impeachment is a tool enough" to use and when the right time comes, he will move the motion.

DP Ruto has since accused his political rivals for using government offices to discredit him out of the the 2022 presidential race.

On Sunday, during a church service where he was accompanied by his allies, Ruto accused the DCI for being used by politicians to damage his image, based on Kenei’s murder.

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