Why (do) people gift during celebrations –birthdays, anniversaries, occasions

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So why exactly do people give presents and cakes during birthdays? Do we know the reason or it’s a tradition we found and we are following blindly?

The norm of gifting during birthdays has existed from way back. We expect to be gifted during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and even office parties.

As humans, we often feel the need to show our gratitude in such events by buying gifts, tokens, taking friends out to party etc.

With that said, there exists about how the bigger the gift, the more appreciation is attached to it. It makes sense to some, to others, it does not. You can decide to get someone the most expensive car, house or you name it, but they will still feel underappreciated.

So it all depends with how the relationship between two people is. You know they say the best gifts in life are those that are priceless.

It is not bad to spend money on an occasion. It is good. Is it possible to break the normal culture and have some change?

On such occasions, people can have a meet up, spend the day together as family and friends, cook, eat, play games and have fun.

Get a big blank card, have friends and family write something on the card for the birthday boy/girl. No? Every gift received from a friend, is a wish for your happiness- Richard Bach

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