What Kenyans are saying about Coronavirus –government moves and measures to stop COVID-19 importation

Coronavirus in Kenya. Image|Courtesy

As the novel Coronavirus outbreak fear bites across the country, Kenyans have raised their voices up via various media platforms, faulting the government over the virus importation.

From those who took to social media, to those on local media platforms, their message to the government is unanimous –stop risking the lives of Kenyans

They complaint that the government does not care about its citizens’ health by allowing flights from China, which is the epicenter of the virus outbreak, into the country.

“This BS about self-quarantine will not work. If we must allow people who have been to China recently to the country, then the government should, at the very least, quarantine them for the 14 days before they interact with the general public,” read part of the twits under the #CoronavirusInKenya.

This comes even as a plane carrying 239 Citizens arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, causing drama over coronavirus fear on Wednesday.

Kenya Airways (KQ) later announced that screening was undertaken and passengers aboard the plane tested negative for the COVIT-19 virus.

This however, has also caused mixed reactions from Kenyans, especially after the national carrier decided to fire an employee, who filmed the aircraft on arrival, and shared the video publicly.

They condemned KQ human resource manager EVerlyne Munyoki for signing an interdiction letter for the employee Mr. Gire Ali, who alerted the public about the plane from China.

Another cause of concern over the virus spread that Kenyans have gone nuts with, is the fact that the country has been ranked amongst the riskiest countries to contract the virus.

Current reports show that Nairobi is number six on the list of African cities with the highest risk of contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, the Law Society of Kenya has filed a case seeking to suspend flights from China until coronavirus outbreak is contained.

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