Kisii University Migori Branch closed over rent arrears

Kisii University Campus. Image|Courtesy

Drama unfolded today at Kisii University Migori branch as the college was declared out of bounds for both leaners and management over rent arrears.

The students who had turned up for their academic sessions were astonished to find the campus entrance locked with two security officers on stand-by waiting for any intruder.

Some of the students who spoke to members of the press said that stand-off has lasted for more than 6 days and they have now run out of patience.

Phillip Kisiagro, said that as students they owe the university no fee arrears and they find no reason as to why the university fails to clear up rent arrears.

Some of the students expressed their worries saying the situation is likely to affect their end semester examinations.

The university’s gate is alleged to have been locked over rent arrears running into millions of shillings.

The academic turbulence has had ripple effect on the business community who say they have run into losses since their main clients, students have opted to stay at home as the issue is being resolved.

The college's principal Dr. Mongare Omare could not be reached to comment on the matter, by the time of going to the press.

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