Ever wondered who invented sanitary towels? Black Women not celebrated for their creativity.

Black lady who invented towels, Mary Kenner Davids

Women around the world have one woman to thank for her contribution to hygiene and sanitation.

Mary Kenner Davidson, 1912, invented sanitary pads. She had a creative mind such that at the age of 6, she had her first invention. Mary invented a self-oiling door to fix a squeaky door.

She invented the sanitary belt with moisture-proof napkin pocket.

It was not used until 30 years after she invented it because the company that first showed interest in the invention, rejected it after realizing she was a black woman.

Davidson saved up until she was able to get her patent for the belt.

Her creative mind did not stop there. She continued to discover and invent things to satisfy her needs. She was married but got divorced five years later.

Sanitary Towels invented by Davidson. Image|Courtesy

Between 1956 and 1987 she received five total patents for her creations which aimed at making life a little better.

She invented a device that is attached to the wall so as to get your whole body washed. She also invented a toilet paper holder with the help of her sister Mildred,

Mildred was later diagnosed with sclerosis which inspired another invention. A tray attached to a wheelchair.

This was aimed at helping her sister and every other person using a wheelchair to be able to move around and pick things as they put them on the tray without needing help from someone.

It is sad that she died without enjoying the benefits of her creativity. We celebrate and appreciate her efforts to not only a woman’s life little easier, but also everyone else.

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